David Hedderman, Fellow Prisoners | 22 June – 4 July.

WEEKEND Open | Sat 12- 6 pm / Sun 12 – 4 pm Sun

Fellow Prisoners * 1
100x 100 cm

This exhibition focuses on Hedderman’s work produced in his Berlin Studio. Hedderman is fascinated by the figurative form. His approach to composition is to challenge its rules and obstruction and create freestyle movements. Hedderman use of willow charcoal, graphite, chalk pastels and oil sticks allows him to creates bold and spontaneous expressions of the artist’s personality. Enquire here.

On the 16th June 2021, outside Wilton Gallery, we celebrated Bloomsday, the acting duo Nick Dunning and Lise-Ann McLaughlin read a selection of extracts from the novel, alongside writer Martina Devlin, in an event entitled ‘He’s Out in Pampooties’. Read here more about the day.

Stephanie Sloan new works are inspired by the beautiful movements of marram grass within the coastal dunes. The screenprints are available as single or a pair and are available in yellow ochre or cobalt blue. Limited edition.

Undulations I and II

John Fitzgerald presents a new sculpture made during the Covid pandemic. This limited edition used materials such as clay in its raw form, wire and bronze to make the form that he carved or constructed by hand. John’s sensitive handling of his materials conveys a sense of the animal’s nobility and fine bearing.

Spanish Bull

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