Over the years my work has always reflected an interest in landscape painting. Ironically the first painting I ever painted at the age of twelve was a landscape of the West of Ireland, having been taught to lay out a palette and use a palette knife for applying the paint knife for applying the paint in certain areas. In many way this exhibition is coming full circle from then but with more maturity and knowledge.’ Martin Mooney – Oct 2019

The following is a selection of artworks:

Lemons on a linen cloth, 46 x 36cm (f) POA
Dawn Lough Swilly, 153 x 92 cm POA
Four Courts / Liffey, 152 x 76cm (f) POA
Magenta & Pink roses, 92 x 122 (f) POA
Pink Lilies, 122 x 142 cm POA
White Jug on Crimson, 50 x 60 cm (f) POA
Stephen Green, 90 x 60cm (f) POA

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